Maintaining the Dickinson County Snowmobile Trail System in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.




Club ride schedule for the 2020 Season

Weather permitting club rides will be held on selected weekends (All rides are on Saturday) in January, February, and March this year. Rides begin mid morning and are usually complete by mid to late afternoon. The club ride is run at moderate speed, usually between 30 and 45 mph. ALWAYS KNOW WHERE THE PERSON BEHIND YOU IS, MAKE SURE THAT PERSON IS STILL BEHIND YOU. We will ride as a group using etiquette and trail manners. Always keep to the right and expect oncoming traffic.

Date Destination Meeting Place and Time
Saturday January 11th Republic *170 mile ride-few stops-quick pace Meet at Fumee Junction at 8 AM (Greg Olender ride leader)
Saturday January 25th Felch, Solberg's Meet at Bal Road at 9 AM (Mark Sertich ride leader)
Saturday February 1st Norway, Thirsty Whale Meet at Ball Rd at 10 AM (Jen Kirk ride leader)
Saturday February 15th Randville, Randville Bar Meet at Ball Rd at 10 AM (Lee Coates ride leader)
Saturday February 29th Vulcan, Kramer's Three Lakes Bar Meet at Fumee Junction at 10 AM (Reid Fisher ride leader)
Saturday February 29th Trailside Meet and Greet (Hot Chocolate and Fire will be going!) Bilski's Farm on the Trail at Upper Pine Creek Rd (11am to 3pm)
Saturday March 14th Pine Mountain Resort Meet at Ball Rd at 10 AM (Mark Sertich ride leader)