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December 2020 Meeting News

It looks like December is finally getting colder, but no snow yet! Here is some highlights from our December 2020 meeting :

DNR Report

The Foster City Bridge is going to be build next summer. For the Snow season there is a re-route!
Black Creek had major work done in November repairing washouts and installing new culverts.
Black Creek was signed for Snowmobile use this winter and currently working on getting the gran amended for grooming.
Miller Block has been widened. This is an ongoing project that will resume in the spring.
We have received our Start-up funds from DNR.

Old Business

Minor washout North of Carney Lake Rd on Trail 5 needs to be put in Grant for 2022
Washout west of 6 mile lake will also need to be budgeted and get a DEQ permit to do the work
We will be placing chainsaws on all the groomers for the upcoming season. We currently have 1 and will be purchasing 2 more.

Groomer Report

1. New tires and chains have been purchased for the 04 Fendt

2. The Fendt 08 got some upgrades and finished up some repairs to the machine

3. The Piston Bully is 100% ready to go this season after the major work done due to an accident last season.

4. Rick has done all the pre-season maintenance on the 3 groomers and repairs to the drags.

New Business

The culvert at Skogland’s needs to be repaired